Imperial Pain Specialists

At Imperial Pain Specialists, we treat all chronic pain patients with respect and compassion. We will evaluate your condition and create a treatment plan tailored to each individual patient. The staff at Imperial Pain Specialists is dedicated to provide you compassionate and professional care for your chronic pain and help you to live a more enjoyable life.


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Many people are reluctant to seek care for their pain due to a circulation of myths. These should not prevent you from seeking care to relieve your pain.

Myth :If I ignore the pain ,it will eventually go away.
Truth: Some pain does not go away on its own and can, in fact, intensify. Remember,the sooner pain is treated, the better chances of pain relief.

Myth: Pain medication must be taken for the rest of one’s life.
Truth: Pain medication plays an important role in relief. However, it is only a part of a comprehensive pain management program that is combined with additional treatment to relieve your pain such as physical therapy, durable medical equipment, and specialists referrals. Patients generally discontinue medications as their pain subsides.

Myth: Pain medication alone is all that’s needed to relieve pain.
Truth: Medication is only part of a successful  pain relief program and many times isn’t necessary. At Imperial Pain Specialists, we integrate other elements of care in addition to pain medication to ensure optimal pain relief that is contoured to each individual’s needs. These elements include relief procedures and equipment, therapy options, referrals to outside specialists, and suggestions for lifestyle improvement.