What is it?

Plantar Fascitis is the inflammation of the thick tissue of the bottom of the foot caused by foot arch problems, obesity, or sudden weight gain. Long distance running, shoes with poor arch support or high heels may also be contributing factors.


  • Pain around the heel with the first few steps out of bed or after resting for a while. Pain eventually fades after your feet warm up.
  • Foot pain after you spend long periods of time standing on your feet.
  • Foot pain that worsens when climbing stairs.
  • Pain while touching the inside of the heel.

Pain feels like: Burning, stabbing, sharp, pulling, tearing sensation.

What can we do to help?

Our offices offer a wide variety of treatment options. We offer everything from conservative rehabilitative therapy like stretching and exercising to international pain management solutions such as cortisone injections. We will provide you with an evaluation and a customized treatment plan based on your diagnosis.